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Engaged…9 Years Ago, Today…

From the image below, you can tell I’m not lying about us getting Engaged 9 years ago today! Our rings have got some mileage on them for sure! Though its been 9 years, I can still remember it just like yesterday. It was a beautiful couple of days. Private dinner at the Ritz Carlton Gazebo, […]

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Oli’s First…

The original goal was to post something new weekly…and in the first week, I failed!  Ok, but in my defense, I’ve got a good if not great excuse…I was sick!  Not just sniffle sniffle sick…but I’m talking in bed for a week sick!  About every couple of years, knock on wood, I come down with […]

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Howdy y’all! Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a tough 6 months balancing everything going on in our lives, but needless to say…here’s the Blog. I’m super excited to finally be able to share it with everyone! Please let me know what you guys think…both the positives and negatives. Take a look around the site […]

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