Santa Monica & UCLA Engagement Session, Jenna & Scott

Hello Friends! I love Engagement Sessions! Especially this one! We spent a wonderful Afternoon shooting with Jenna & Scott at UCLA, Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden, and the Santa Monica Pier. Love the Red Dress!!! Can some say Chris De Burgh?!

On another note, I hate to say it, but I take calculated risks with our equipment sometimes. (Shhhhh…I hope our Insurance Co doesn’t read this!) It’s always always a good day for me when I come home from a Shoot with all my equipment in one piece. But, it’s all worth it if I get the “Shot!” Scroll down to the last image…that’s the one where things when wrong for the gear!:)

UCLA Engagement Session_0100UCLA Engagement Session_0101UCLA Engagement Session_0102UCLA Engagement Session_0103UCLA Engagement Session_0104UCLA Engagement Session_0105UCLA Engagement Session_0106UCLA Engagement Session_0107

Santa Monica Pier Engagement_001Santa Monica Pier Engagement_002Santa Monica Pier Engagement_003Santa Monica Pier Engagement_004

So, heres what happened in this next shot. There’s a light stand behind them…on that light stand is a Flash with a trigger. Basically, we trigger that Flash remotely from our Camera. I figured if I pushed the light stand far enough into the sand…there’s no way the waves would take it. Well…guess who was wrong!!! Luckily, I got the shot before the wave pulled everything into the water. Small price to pay for wonderful couple!

Santa Monica Pier Engagement_005