The Villa San Juan Capistrano Wedding: Amanda & Adrian

We had the pleasure of capturing Amanda & Adrian’s beautiful Wedding at the beautiful Villa in San Juan Capistrano. Every Wedding, no matter how well planned, will always have some hiccup during the Day. It might be something small and trivial, or it might be something a little bit more serious, like someone forgetting the marriage license…trust me, it happened! You know what…nothing but perfection for Amanda & Adrian!! I’m always saying it, but we’ve been so blessed to have met some amazing couples…add this couple to the list. Check out some of the images below and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Here’s a random interjection, kid etiquette is a tricky subject sometimes when it comes to Weddings. Couples don’t know if they should allow them, and if so, how do you convene that message. Amanda & Adrian did they opposite…they totally embraced the kids, a la the Pinada, Candy, and Ice Cream. It’s quite refreshing to see that kids can be included for more than just cute smiles and laughs as they come down the isle, cause hey, they deserve to have a good time too!


The image of these kids hugging it out and thoroughly enjoying it…one of my favorites from the Day! Photographers say that the two worst subjects are animals and children, I would probably agree about the animals, but these kids proved that kids rock!

The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-107The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-108The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-109The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-110The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-111The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-112The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-113The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-114The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-115The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-116The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-117The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-118The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-119The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-120The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-121The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-122The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-123The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-124The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-125The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-126The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-127The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-128The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-129The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-130The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-131The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-132The_Villa_San_Juan_Capistrano-133It’s really hard to define love, it’s different to everyone, but, you know it when you see it. Having the opportunity to spend time with this couple, I SAW IT! So, a beautiful couple, amazing Venue, and some great Vendors to work along with. Big thanks to Buster Brown Productions for a great work day!

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