The Villa Wedding, Alma & Danny

Every couple has a love story, but sometimes, you get one that’s especially touching and memorable. Alma and Danny’s Wedding at the Villa in Westminster was one of those special ones. They were married young and didn’t really have a chance to have the Wedding of their dreams, but they knew some day, they wanted to. Well, the years went by and life kicked in, but quite frankly, I don’t think they would have done it any other way. You see, they’ve got a beautiful Family to show for it.

The Day started off perfectly at the Laguna Cliffs Marriot. Everytime we visit this location, it brings back memories of Mezzi’s and I’s Wedding planning. All the Venues we visited…still fresh in my mind. Next door to the Marriot is the beautiful Lantern Bay Park. They have this amazing long walkway, which we used for the First Look, that leads to a gorgeous amphitheater. Perfect, IMHO.



Being a Father of two girls, I’ve got a soft spot. A&D’s daughter’s were the sweetest girls you could imagine! The reaction of one of the girls running to greet them after doing their First Look…quite honestly, Priceless! Makes a grown man almost cry!San_Juan_Capistrano_Mission_Wedding_0103

I remember visiting the Mission in San Juan Capistrano when I was in Elementary School, and really, I didn’t find it all that memorable, but that’s what happens in youth. It’s Historic and Rustic, two traits that don’t appeal to an Elementary school boy, but now, two of my favorite words. Walking around the grounds you start to notice the colors, textures, and angles available. Man, it’s heaven for a Photographer to shoot. San_Juan_Capistrano_Mission_Wedding_0104San_Juan_Capistrano_Mission_Wedding_0105

We get a lot of questions about how this was shot. It’s the middle of day, as you can from the blue sky, but everything other than the center arch area is lit. Two words…Large Strobe! Hidden behind the arch pillar is a large strobe that’s triggered from our camera. The trick is, you need a Strobe that’s strong enough to match or even overpower the brightness of the Sun.  I love using Strobes! It opens up a world of creativity for us. Using available light as well as Strobes…a must for Wedding Photography.San_Juan_Capistrano_Mission_Wedding_0106San_Juan_Capistrano_Mission_Wedding_0107San_Juan_Capistrano_Mission_Wedding_0108The_Villa_Wedding_001The_Villa_Wedding_002The_Villa_Wedding_003The_Villa_Wedding_004The_Villa_Wedding_005The_Villa_Wedding_006The_Villa_Wedding_007The_Villa_Wedding_008The_Villa_Wedding_009



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