Jennifer & Brian, Disneyland Engagement Session

Hello Friends! Engagement Sessions are always fun, especially when they’re at the happiest place on Earth…yup, Disneyland. I had an incredible afternoon with Jennifer and Brian. When you talk about down to Earth, they’re as down to Earth as you can get. The best thing about shooting at Disneyland…is shooting with a fantastic couple. Thank you guys for a great time!

Usually, E-Sessions run 3-4 hours, but on this day, I think we ended up spending around 6 hours together! I hope they didn’t get to sick of me.:)This was my first time shooting at Disneyland, so, I wanted to make sure Jennifer and Brian got their monies worth out of the ticket. On another note, dude, Disneyland tickets are primo expensive now!

One of the great things about Disneyland is the attention they pay to details there. It’s not hard to find spots to shoot which wouldn’t give you and idea where you’re at. But at the same time, there are those spots that can be no where else other than Disneyland.

Jennifer and Brian…thank you guys for being great sports. It was crazy busy there, but you guys are troopers! Thanks for hanging in there. See you soon.

Holly Schoenke, Simply Sweet Weddings - Huey! This is so adorable!!! I love Disneyland!

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