Orange County Wedding, Sarah & Chris

Hello Friends! We’ve been blessed to be able to work with some of the nicest couples ever! Sarah and Chris are no exception. From the moment we met for our consultation, I think we hit it off. At heart, I’m a geek. I love talking cameras, computers, video games…pretty much anything electronic! Chris is a new Mac user, so, we had a good time ¬†talking computers. Their Wedding was at the beautiful Tustin Ranch Country Club.

We use to only shoot with lighting for Portraits, but now I’ve been sold on using lighting for everything…details included! You tell me, don’t you think it adds quite a bit of contrast and drama to the image? Believe it or not, these detail images don’t have very much work done on them. A few tweaks here and there, and presto…done. Check out some more images from their beautiful day.
Sarah & Chris…thank you guys for showing us such a great time! Hopefully we were able to return the gestures. We wish you guys all the best! See you guys soon.

Huey - Hi Celine! They got ready at the Hilton in Irvine, CA. The Hotel has a beautiful lobby! Thanks for stopping by!

Celine - Where did the bride & groom get ready…the location is beautiful?

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