Hawaii…oh how I miss thee!!

Hello Friends! Ah, home sweet home! Actually, I kind of wish I was still in Hawaii. Not that I don’t love being home, but it’s always hard to get back into the swing of things once you return from a vacation. The Family and I just returned from our first trip to Oahu. Actually, Mezzi’s been there before, but this was my first time. Now I know what everyone’s talking about! I’m sure you know, but, it’s absolutely beautiful there!

If you’ve ever planned a vacation before, you must know how un-nerving it can be. It’s so so much the travel, but for us, it was the unknown of the place we were going to be staying it. Of course, you do your due diligence, but still, you never know. We were lucky enough to stay at a Condo resort in Ko’Olina. If you haven’t been there, stop reading this, start planning your trip! Private lagoons, beautiful scenery, and a great family environment. It’s funny, we made a trip to Waikiki for a night and came to realize that it definitely isn’t for us…too many people! Ko’Olina’s where it’s at!! I must be getting old! haha
Ok, so, a little background. Oli loves water! Baths, hoses, puddles…you name it. So, we naturally figured that she would love the pool and Beach. NOPE! The snapshots below should give you a little idea of what it was like trying to get her into the water. We managed to get her in there for a little bit, but she hung on to Mezzi every moment she was in there. Oh, well, there’s plenty of other things to do other than swim.:)
Alright, so, the real world beckons us back, but Hawaii…we’ll see you again soon. Check out some more from out trip!

Huey - I was sooo laggin in this post! We went in November…I so miss it there :)

Holly Schoenke, Simply Sweet Weddings - Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!! And when did you go to Hawaii??? I JUST saw you!

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