Hazel & Duy, San Juan Capistrano Engagement Session

Hello Friends! What do you get when you mix IT & Pediatric Dentistry? Believe it or not, they mix really well! I’ll leave it up to you to guess who’s who. I spent a fantastic afternoon, slash, early Evening with Hazel and Duy. We spent the entire time talking IT and kids! The dork in me wants to spend the whole time talking with Duy about phones, computers, and pretty much anything that has a circuit boards. On the other hand, the Father in me kept asking Hazel questions about children’s teeth! Brides and Grooms are  a great source of free information.:)

Even though you’d think that IT and Pediatric Dentistry don’t go together, I’m here to tell you that they go together just as much as peas and carrots. Hazel and Duy did a awesome job all afternoon…check it out!

Hope you guys enjoyed. Hazel and Duy…thank you guys for a great afternoon!! See you guys next year.

Holly Schoenke, Simply Sweet Weddings - I love this shoot….San Juan Capistrano has so many great spots!!!

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