Oli’s First…

The original goal was to post something new weekly…and in the first week, I failed!  Ok, but in my defense, I’ve got a good if not great excuse…I was sick!  Not just sniffle sniffle sick…but I’m talking in bed for a week sick!  About every couple of years, knock on wood, I come down with the motha of all colds / flus! Here’s how the last week went…sleep…Nyquil…sleep…repeat.  However, I’m alive now baby and I’m ready to kick some tail.  Actually, I got better just in time for Oli’s 1st Birthday Party.  Oh, just in case y’all don’t know…her name’s not really Oli.  It’s Olivia, but being the keyboard shortcut lover that I am…O-l-i just seemed a simple way of doing it.  Two syllables vs four…and there you have it.  Before you ask…it’s not the name of the dog from Garfield…that’s Odie, I think? Next time…I’ll explain why Mezzi’s name is Mezzi.:)

Big ups’ to Mezzi and the crew for putting it together.  They did a fantastic job!  A huge thanks goes out to all our family and friends that helped put the party together.  We couldn’t of done it without you guys.  Before I forget, make sure you check out  Final Touch Bakery (http://www.finaltouchbakery.com/). Stephanie from Final Touch made this awesome Honey Pot cake for Oli.  Why?  Cause home girl loves Tigger and Pooh.  Oli that is…not Stephanie.  Thanks for doing an awesome job Stephanie!

It’s amazing how a year has gone by so fast.  Yeah yeah…everyone says that, but no, seriously, it’s been blazing fast this past year!  She’s grown quite a bit and we’ve all loved every minute of it.  Thank goodness for cameras and camcorders!  Oh, question for everyone…who do you think Oli looks more like?  Mezzi..or me?  Everyone seems to think it’s me, but honestly, I see quite a bit of Mezzi in her.

Check out the Centerpiece and Cake…I loved it!  Oh, bad news though, we think Oli might be allergic to dairy, but we’re hoping not.  After eating some frosting off a cupcake, she broke out all over her face.  We’re going to be testing that theory, so, let’s hope she isn’t allergic…that’d be bummer!  Think of all the stuff you would miss out on!  Cookies and milk?  Cake?  Ice Cream?  Butter? Oh, and Cake again!

So, 1 year and two small teeth later…here’s our girl!  Ain’t she awesome?!  And I ain’t just saying that cause she’s mine either:)

Alrighty..I promise I’ll keep up with the posts from now on.  There’s a lot of work to get done and I can’t wait to share more of it with you guys.  Till then, Happy Birthday Oli!  Thanks to our friends and family for coming out to celebrate with us.

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